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All You Need To Know To Start Cycling To Work


Know To Start Cycling To Work

Are you a girl who wants to cycle to work? Are you fed up and tired of public transportation and you don’t have money Sbobet88 for cars? This article is intended for you.

This is this year when we celebrate the National Motor to Work working day and don’t forget that only in the US more than 800,000 people cycle to work every day. Although this is still a small amount for the US, in many other countries, this is quite common, such as in the Netherlands, Denmark, Britain, Australia, etc. The benefits are many, let’s mention the ecology and good body shape as one of the clearest. Let’s see what is needed to start cycling to work immediately.

Make sure your bike is ready for daily rides

Here are some tips to ensure Situs Slot Gacor that your bicycle is ready for everyday trips:

– Check the tire. Make sure they increase correctly and there are no air leaks. If you have a stab, it’s time to change the tire.

Check the brake pads. Make sure they are not obsolete and there is quite a grip on them. If you see any clothes, it’s time to change it.

– Check the chain and gears for any corrosion or rust and lubricate it with oil or oil as needed.

If you go up every day, make sure you don’t take any risks with a bicycle.


Make sure you know the route and detours

When you are just in the city or only using a new means of transportation, it is very important to study the route to work. If you don’t know the route, you can carry a map or GPS. If there is a traffic jam, make sure you know the detour slot terbaru. Luckily a small bicycle and you can pass many other vehicles. If you are not too late or hurried, it might be better to take a longer route and relax to enjoy the trip.

Be very careful on the road

When cycling every day, it is important to take precautions so you don’t put yourself in danger.

– Wear a helmet and make sure it’s fitting on your head.

– Beware of traffic around you.

– Save your bicycle in good condition.

– Don’t cycle when it’s dark outside or if there are dangerous conditions such as rain or snow on the ground.

– Watch for children.

Have a quality bike

You have tried cycling to work and like it, but your bike is not the best. A small investment in a good Slot Gacor Hari Ini bicycle can produce very well because you will save money for other things (such as the gym and car because you will not both).

Check some women’s bicycles on the internet to see which one is best for you. Considering the riding style, material, and wheel size, among others.

Make sure you have the right kit

The good thing when you travel by car or bus on rainy days is that you are not wet. Well, when you are cycling, on the contrary. This is why you should always pay attention to predictions and wear waterproof jackets and waterproof casings for your goods. For bright days, you need SPF and glasses, maybe a hat too. Some other basic bicycle equipments that might be useful are:

– A helmet

– Bicycle lock

– Bicycle lights (if cycling at night)

– Reflective clothes or accessories (if cycling at night)

– Bicycle water bottle holder

– Bicycle repair kit

– Bicycle pump

– Tires in reserves

– Bicycle basket

– Small bell to communicate more easily with other drivers

Prepare for biking economically

While cycling to work is cheaper than driving there are several costs related to cycling such as bicycle maintenance, but there are also many ways to reduce this cost, such as taking bicycles for more frequent repairs. Also, if you need to buy a new bicycle, it will be charged too, but this is an investment once. The basic equipment that we mentioned before requires money too but can be found.

Make sure you have an insurance

We don’t want to scare you, but cycling can be dangerous. The risk of getting a car or truck increases when you are on the road by car. That is why cyclists need to have insurance that will help them in Daftar Slot Online the event of an accident.

Bicycle insurance is a type of personal accountability insurance that includes cyclists and bicycles when they drive traffic. Because bicycle insurance policies often include fewer places, it may not be comparable to the risk of riding without one.

Dress smartly for biking to work

Men don’t have to think about this, jeans and good shirts do the job. Now, for girls, sometimes complicated to look feminine and dress smart for cycling. There are several ways to cut this obstacle, such as wearing bicycle shorts under your skirt or clothes or just carrying some clothes to replace them later.

Make sure you don’t have too many layers on you because you don’t want to sweat or dress too light if there is wind or cold weather. If you want to keep your hair stylish even though wearing a helmet, here are some hair tips for a cyclist. If you are still not sure that cycling to work is the right choice, just read the health benefits of ordinary cycling. Get a good bicycle and the right equipment and start adventure cycling immediately. Don’t forget the helmet, insurance, and great GPS.