Minions: The Rise of Gru Synopsis

Minions The Rise of Gru Synopsis

Minions: The Rise of Gru officially opens in cinemas all over Indonesia, Wednesday (29/6). The third Minions series has been long awaited since it was originally scheduled to be released in 2020.However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the release schedule for this film is still being delayed. After two years, what is this film like? Unlike the previous two Minions films, The Rise of Gru features Gru in the form of a 12 year old child. Despite his young age, however, Gru has already shown his interest in the world of crime. At that time, he idolized the Wild Knuckles, the frontman and founder of Vicious 6, the world’s most famous criminal gang who loved to play game betting When Vicious 6 accesses a vacancy, Gru doesn’t waste it.

He also signed up. Unfortunately, his application was rejected because he was recognized as not bad enough. After all, he was only 12 years old. What were these people thinking when they invited him for a “job” interview? Despite being rejected, Gru always wants to prove that he is evil and deserves to be part of the group. He then stole the zodiac necklace. Vicious 6’s sacred and sacred necklaces really have value for them. As a result, they also hunted Gru. The hunting action leads Gru to meet Wild Knuckles, who after being betrayed by Vicious 6, lives in San Francisco. Gru also tries to impress Wild Knuckles. This 88 minute long film is quite entertaining. The action of Gru and Vicious 6 is ridiculous enough and can turn your stomach.

Minions The Rise of Gru Synopsis

Meanwhile, the Minions also came along to add a lot of ridiculous and absurd scenes. The three main Minions, Bob, Stuart, and Kevin, always try to accompany Gru. Bob will feel more relatable to Indonesian viewers because he says a few words in Indonesian. Children will certainly be happy with this film. The Rise of Gru has a light theme—although a bit quirky—and easy to follow. The action and animation are also fun. Children will enjoy the silliness of all the traits in this film. Gru who is still 12 years old. even more ridiculous than he was when he grew up. This is what perhaps relates more to children because Gru is still small in this film. Gru solves all his problems in a childish manner, appropriate for his age.

The Meaning of Minions: The Rise of Gru

Unfortunately, those who yearn to see more Minions action need to escape. This film focuses more on the figure of Gru. The Rise of Gru explores how since childhood Gru loved evil and longed to be a part of it. He also wants to prove that he can do anything without the help of the Minions, which often ends in bad luck. In addition, this film will also be the origin of the first meeting of Minions and Gru. Gru’s adventure in San Francisco to meet the Wild Knuckles is quite entertaining. Gru needs to single-handedly confirm Wild Knuckles that he truly idolizes him and could be the new villain’s new partner. But, of course, Wild Knuckles didn’t easily believe it. As a film for all ages or for children, The Rise of Gru has a deep message.

But, of course, fully served in an easy and entertaining way so that it is more digestible for children. This film is of course easy to predict the storyline. But, that does not reduce the silliness and fun in it. The common trope, children against adults, has perhaps appeared quite often. However, The Rise of Gru can mix it up with an interesting package. There is hardly any real character in this film. They’re all ridiculous with their own kind. So, you don’t have to worry about being bored to watch it even if the Minions are not exposed much. Minions: The Rise of Gru is light, entertaining, and has some pretty interesting animations to watch. This film is suitable for those who want to let go of tired and laugh out loud. Gru and his Minions’ silly antics will never fail to cause laughter.